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‘You are one of our most valued writers’ (Sally Dawson, Commissioning Editor of The House Magazine, August 2014).

04/06/20 - Book review of Paradise Lost Paradise Regained by Michael Naseby

03/02/20 - One Nation Conservativsm

13/01/20 - Book review of Fighting Churchill, Appeasing Hitler: How a British Civil Servant Helped Cause the Second World War by Adrian Phillips

04/11/19 - Book review of The Peace that Never Was: A History of the League of Nations by Ruth Henig

21/10/19 - Book review of The George Bell - Gerhard Liebholz Correspondence, edited by Gerhard Ringshausen and Andrew Chandler

18/06/19 - Neville Chamberlain: a formidable politician

10/06/19 - Book review of Max Beaverbrook: Not Quite a Gentleman by Charles Williams

05/06/19 - Class of their own

07/05/19 - The first woman Prime Minister and her defamed predecessor

30/04/19 - Book review of Who Killed Kitchener? The Life and Death of Britain’s Most Famous War Minister by David Laws

27/03/19 - Airey Neave - Personal and historical elections forty years after his murder

01/03/19 - Book review of The King and the Catholics: The Fight for Rights 1829 by Antonia Fraser

14/01/19 - Book review of Nein! Standing up to Hitler 1935 - 1944 by Paddy Ashdown

12/11/18 - The new political world created in 1918

25/06/18 - Honouring the courage of the Commonwealth

30/04/18 - 60th anniversary of life peerages

23/04/18 - Book review of Richard III: Brother, Protector, King by Chris Skidmore

23/03/18 - Book review of Led by Lions: MPs and Sons who Fell in the First World War by Neil Thornton

20/10/17 - Ten days in the Upper House

15/09/17 - Book review of Duty and Democracy: Parliament and the First World War by Chris Blanchett

06/07/17 - Book review of The History of Hansard by John Vice and Stephen Farrell

21/04/17 - Book review of Emperor of the Five Rivers: The Life and Times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh by Lord Sheikh

17/03/17 - Book review of God and Churchill by Jonathan Sandys and Wallace Henley

03/03/17 - Book review of Betrayed Ally: China in the Great War by Frances Wood and Christopher Arnander

03/03/17 - Seven days in the Lords

03/02/17 - Canterbury Entertainments

16/12/16 - History in the making

09/12/16 - A theatre watched by the whole world

30/11/16 - Book review of Churchill and Ireland by Paul Bew

28/10/16 - Book review of The Truth About Rudolf Hess by James Douglas-Hamilton

08/07/16 - Book review of George Bell, Bishop of Chichester

01/07/16 - Final thoughts about the Somme

25/03/16 - Book review of Conservative Politics in National and Imperial Crisis

08/01/16 - Book review of Gimson's Kings and Queens: Brief Lives of the Monarchs since 1066

30/04/15 - Book review of Mr and Mrs Disraeli: A Strange Romance

23/03/15 - Book review of The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East, 1914-20

12/03/15 - Book review of Breaking Bounds: 6 Newnham Lives

23/01/15 - Hanover Cure

09/01/15 - Abercorn: The Hamiltons of Barons Court

06/11/14 - Kaiser Wilhelm II: A Concise

17/10/14 - July Crisis: The World's Descent into War, Summer 1914 and Margot Asquith's Great War Diary 1914-1916: The View from Downing Street

11/7/14 - Tribute to Baroness Miller

30/6/14 - The House of Lords and World War One

9/6/14 - Book review of Who Decides? by Paul Tyler

21/3/14 - Book review of Private Lord Crawford’s Great War Diaries: From Medical Orderly to Cabinet Minister

14/3/14 - Ayes to the site

16/1/14 - Book review of Public Schools and the Great War: The Generation Lost

9/1/14 - Book review of Fred: The Collected Letters and Speeches of Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby

7/11/13 - Book reviews of Friends in High Places: Ulster’s Resistance to Home Rule, 1912-14 and Ulster since 1600: Politics, Economy, and Society 

25/10/13 - Guess who?

18/10/13 - Book review of At Power’s Elbow: Aides to the Prime Minister, from Robert Walpole to David Cameron

18/10/13 - A conference to remember (1963)

6/9/13 - Book review of Disraeli, or The Two Nations By Douglas Hurd and Edward Young, Weidenfeld & Nicolson

12/7/13 - Tribute to Lord Campbell of Alloway by Lord Lexden

12/7/13 - Book review of Portrait of a Party: The Conservative Party 1918-1945 Stuart Ball, Oxford University

26/6/13 - Lords Diary

26/6/13 - Book review of Perilous Question: The Drama of the Great Reform Bill 1832 by Antonia Fraser

14/6/13 - Book review of The Voice of the Bankbenchers: The 1922 Committee – The First 90 Years, 1923-2013 by Lord Norton of Louth

17/5/13 - Book review of Edwardian Requiem: A life of Sir Edward Grey by Michael Waterhouse

18/4/13 - Book review of Our Joe: Joseph Chamberlain’s Conservative Legacy by Nick Timothy

7/3/13 - Book review of Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman by James C. Humes

6/12/12 - Book review of The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London by Anthony Lejeune

1/11/12 - The 100th anniversary of the renaming of the Conservative Party

13/9/12 - Book review of Distilling the Frenzy: Writing the History of One’s Own Times by Peter Hennessy

6/9/12 - Book review of The Two Unions: Ireland, Scotland, and the Survival of the United Kingdom, 1707-2007 by Alvin Jackson

14/6/12 - Book review of Muckraker: The Scandalous Life andTimes of W.T.Stead, Britain’s First Investigative Journalist by David Lipsey

10/5/12 - Book review of The Diamond Queen: Elizabeth II and Her People by Andrew Marr

1/3/12 - Book review of Attlee’s War: World War II and the Making of a Labour Leader by Robert Crowcroft

26/1/12 - Book review of The Conservatives: A History by Robin Harris

28/2/11 - Interview with Lord Lexden

Parliamentary History

Vol 37, part 3 (2018) - A tragic Tory leader and his diaries


The Conservative History Journal

Autumn 2015 - Wellington and Waterloo - his victory and the political aftermath

Autumn 2014 - The Hanoverian Succession & the Downfall of the Tory Party

Summer 2014 - Making the Heavens Hum - Kingsley Wood and the Art of the Possible 1881-1924


The Hansard Society

20/3/14 - Our forgotten voters: British citizens abroad


Belfast Newsletter

22/1/14 - How unionism united a century ago to win fight against Home Rule


German Society Study Weekend

7/9/13 - A paper given by Lord Lexden at the German Society Study Weekend on Prince Albert and his legacy in Coburg. Click here to read in full.


Coburg Linguist

12/13 - An article on Alistair Lexden's visit to Coburg. Click here to read in full.


The Essex County Standard

July 2013 - Lord Lexden back home for talk

May 2013 - Lady Thatcher's connections with Colchester



16/6/16 - Book review of Churchill and Ireland

6/2/16 - Book review of The Old Stagers - Canterbury, Cricket and Theatricals

27/12/15 - Book review of The Daily Telegraph Military Obituaries Book Three

15/12/15 - Book review of God and Churchill

14/11/15 - Book review of Conservative Orators: from Baldwin to Cameron

2/7/14 - Joe Chamberlain, a man who changed the course of British politics - again and again

30/3/14 - Lord Lexden: 35 years ago today, Airey Neave was murdered – and the course of British politics changed

15/1/14 - On this day a century ago, the Tories staked all on Ulster

19/10/13 - Lord Lexden: 50 years ago today, Lord Home became Prime Minister

12/7/13 - Lord Lexden: Disraeli. No, not a "One Nation Tory". But a tenacious believer in imagination and courage

19/4/13 - Lord Lexden: If we study how Conservatives honoured Disraeli, we will learn how they can honour Margaret Thatcher

5/2/13 - Alistair Lexden: On this day, 225 years ago - the birth of Robert Peel, the first Compassionate Conservative

1/1/13 - Lord Lexden: Forty years ago today Britain entered the EEC on Edward Heath's false prospectus

28/9/12 - Lord Lexden: Remembering the Ulster Covenant, signed a century ago today


The Times

5/1/13 - Letters from the past sign off with a puzzle (£)

25/6/14 - Sir Robert Porter - A Biographical Essay


The Daily Telegraph

11/5/12 - Lord Lexden, a genuine addition to public life


The Conservative Party's Blue Blog

The Blue BlogLord Lexden writes regularly for the Party's official blog.

11/5/12 - On this day 200 year ago

9/5/12 - On this day 100 years ago

4/1/12 - Bill Cash on John Bright

2/12/11 - A new history of our Party

4/10/11 - One-Nation Toryism in Manchester

1/10/11 - Perfect reading for Party Conference

29/5/11 - A great one nation Tory

24/4/11 - The Professor and AV

20/3/11 - AV and the lessons of history

25/1/11 - Labour’s unprecedented filibustering in the Lords

18/1/11 - My introduction to the House of Lords

9/1/11 - The House of Lords

19/12/10 - On this day… the second 1910 General Election

12/12/10 - A Party of Change

12/12/10 - The Chamberlains: a remarkable family dynasty

5/11/10 - A great man as well as a great rogue

3/10/10 - The Chamberlains and Birmingham

19/9/10 - Who founded the modern Conservative Party?

12/9/10 - A great Conservative Prime Minister

5/9/10 - Celebrating the Primrose League

8/8/10 - A brilliant biography of Edward Heath

30/12/09 - The Tories' 340th Birthday

17/11/09 - Celebrating 80 years of the Conservative Research Department

4/10/09 - Looking back at earlier Manchester Conferences

2/9/09 - On this day… 2nd September 1939 – how peace ended

31/8/09 - Welcome to Conservative History Week

17/8/09 - Hitler's Evil War

20/6/09 - Harold Macmillan: A great Conservative Prime Minister

27/5/09 - Thatcherism in historical perspective

18/5/09 - Thatcherism in Scotland

4/5/09 - On this day… Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister

3/5/09 - On this day… Britain gives Margaret Thatcher her mandate

27/4/09 - On this day… the 1979 election campaign enters its third week

20/4/09 - On this day… the first week of the 1979 campaign ended

11/4/09 - On this day… Margaret Thatcher’s election manifesto was launched

28/3/09 - On this day… Thatcher won a crucial victory in the Commons

10/3/09 - On this day… the beginning of the modern Conservative Party

3/3/09 - On this day… the Ulster Unionist Council was launched

1/3/09 - Margaret Thatcher’s early years

22/2/09 - On this day… William Pitt the Younger was buried

17/2/09 - The proud Conservative tradition of decentralisation

7/2/09 - On this day…Ted Heath calls a snap election

3/2/09 - The sad passing of Dorothy Brant

29/1/09 - On this day…Salisbury’s first Government ended and Unionism was born

21/1/09 - On this day…the end of Baldwin’s first government

17/1/09 - How the Conservatives dominated the twentieth century

29/12/08 - On this day…Harold Macmillan died

18/12/08 - On this day…the Tamworth Manifesto was published

14/12/08 - On this day…Lloyd George won a landslide election victory

9/12/08 - The Conservative Party’s unknown leader

6/12/08 - David Cameron’s third anniversary as leader

2/12/08 - Unsung heroism – constituency agents and their stories

28/11/08 - On this day in 1919…..The election of the first woman MP to take her seat

24/11/08 - The great Atlantic Alliance’s triumph over Hitler

17/11/08 - On this day…the Primrose League was founded

11/11/08 - On this day…World War One ended

4/11/08 - On This Day – November 4th 1924

2/11/08 - My book of the year – Munich 70 years on

20/10/08 - Working with Thatcher

15/10/08 - ‘Tory Heroine: Dorothy Brant and the rise of Conservative Women’

13/10/08 - A Party of Change: A Brief History of the Conservatives

The London Magazine

24/05/19 - Book review of Max Beaverbrook - Not Quite a Gentleman by Charles Williams

23/05/19 - The Man Who Was Saturday

20/11/18 - Book Review of Gimson’s Prime Ministers: Brief Lives from Walpole to May by Andrew Gimson

28/08/18 - Book Review of Lord Liverpool: A Political Life by William Anthony Hay

26/07/08 - Chamberlain and Churchill - a perfect partnership

22/01/18 - Book Review of Dick the Bad - History's most famous murder suspect by Chris Skidmore

28/07/17 - The Diaries of a Tragic Tory Leader

17/03/17 - The King, the Prime Minister and the Loss of the American Colonies

15/11/16 - Churchill and Ireland, Paul Bew

09/06/16 - Homage to a Hero - Graham Sutherland's portrait of Churchill


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