A Gift from the Churchills: The Primrose League 1883-2004 (reprinted)

Enoch at 100: A Re-evaluation of the life, politics and philosophy of Enoch Powell
(2012) Contributor

A Gift from the Churchills: The Primrose League 1883–2004

Tory Policy-Making: the Conservative Research Department 1929–2009
(2009) Joint author

Between the Thin Blue Lines
(2008) Contributor

A Party of Change: a Brief History of the Conservatives
(2008: new edition 2010)

Tory Heroine: Dorothy Brant and the Rise of Conservative Women

The Carlton Club 1832–2007
(2007) Joint author

The Conservative Research Department 1929–2004
(2004) Editor

The Conservative Party: Seven Historical Studies
(1997) Editor

Ulster: The Unionist Options

Ulster: The Origins of the Problem

The Conservative Party’s Campaign Guides
(7 vols, 1987–2005) Editor

Proportional Representation

A Conservative Party Leader in Ulster: Sir Stafford Northcote’s Diary of a Visit to the Province, October 1883 
(1976) Editor

The Ashbourne Papers 1869–1913
(1974) Editor

The Governing Passion: Cabinet Government and Party Politics in Britain 1885–86
(1974) Joint author

Lord Carlingford’s Journal
(1971) Joint editor

Lord Lexden has also written various pamphlets on Northern Ireland and constitutional issues not listed above and articles in historical journals and educational publications.

The publications that he has edited also include collections of speeches by Margaret Thatcher (1986 and 1989), John Major (1991 and 1992) and David Cameron (2007).


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