Recent News

Clive of India's statue

Robert Clive (1725-74) rose from obscurity in Shropshire to acquire fame and fortune in India. He was a most gifted military commander.

Our electoral system - proposals for reform

On 8 July ,an important cross-party Lords Select Committee, of which Alistair Lexden was a member, published a major report on the electoral system, following a year’s study of its strengths and weaknesses.

Doubts about child sex abuse inquiry

After a faltering and embarrassing start—four chairmen in two years and the resignation of barristers assigned to it—the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, announced by the government in 2014, has heard shocking evidence about, and from, many victims.

300th Telegraph letter

Alistair Lexden’s letter on Ted Heath’s 1970 election triumph (which you can read here) was the 300th that The Daily Telegraph has published from him.

Urgent work on Europe

The Lords Committees which scrutinise European policies in detail have been reconstituted this month.

Why do we need change?

“Change? Why do we need change? Aren’t things bad enough as they are?”

Lloyd George and an Anglo-Irish Centenary

On 22 April, Alistair Lexden was due to speak a dinner given by the Political Committee of the Reform Club in London. The text of the address that he would have delivered follows.

Peter Viggers - beyond the duck house

Some people are remembered for just one thing after their death to the exclusion of everything else they achieved. Peter Viggers, an MP for thirty-six years, whose obituary was published in The Times on April 14, will always be associated with the parliamentary expenses scandal of 2009.

Harold Macmillan's resignation

It is widely—and wrongly—believed that the Profumo scandal in the spring of 1963 brought down the Macmillan government. The error appeared again in The Times on 26 March.

Solving a Thatcher mystery

At an antiques fair in November 2015, Daniel Hadden, a well-established art dealer, bought an unfinished and unsigned picture of Margaret Thatcher addressing the House of Commons from the government despatch box.  He asked Alistair Lexden, in his capacity as Conservative Party historian, to help