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Harold Macmillan's resignation

It is widely—and wrongly—believed that the Profumo scandal in the spring of 1963 brought down the Macmillan government. The error appeared again in The Times on 26 March.

Solving a Thatcher mystery

At an antiques fair in November 2015, Daniel Hadden, a well-established art dealer, bought an unfinished and unsigned picture of Margaret Thatcher addressing the House of Commons from the government despatch box.  He asked Alistair Lexden, in his capacity as Conservative Party historian, to help

A flattering likeness of Disraeli

For some years, the oil painting of Disraeli— a flattering likeness, it must be said— pictured here was the pride of Alistair Lexden’s large collection of political memorabilia. A photograph was used by an anonymous artist after the great man’s death.

He never said it: Disraeli and One Nation

Over and over again journalists and others attribute the phrase “one nation” to Disraeli. It is one of the most widespread of all the historical errors that are made.

State and independent schools working together on sport

It is well-known that most of our country’s top athletes come from independent schools where no more than seven per cent of children are educated (though rising to twenty per cent at sixth-form level).

Boost for bill to protect sibling couples

Alistair Lexden’s new Bill, introduced into the Lords on 14 January (see below), has been welcomed not just by sibling couples themselves, but by tax and financial experts.

Their positive response featured prominently in the Financial Times on 18 January.

A new bill to help cohabiting sibling couples

During the last two years, Alistair Lexden has campaigned in the Lords to end the gross unfairness with which cohabiting sibling couples are treated by the legal and tax systems.

Celebrating the success of the Independent Schools Association

In February, Alistair Lexden, President of the Independent Schools Association (ISA), held a reception at the House of Lords to celebrate the continuing steady growth of the Association, which works of behalf of smaller, community-based independent schools throughout the country.

Northern Ireland Budget

Billions of pounds were approved for public expenditure in Northern Ireland after no more a short debate in the Lords on 31 October.  This illustrated vividly the totally unsatisfactory way in which the Province’s affairs are now being handled.

Ted Heath - the damage that must be undone

In early October, the full scale of the misconduct committed by the Metropolitan Police in investigating historical allegations of child sex abuse and murder against distinguished public figures at last became clear with the publication of the full report of the retired high court judge, Sir Rich