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High standards in secondary legislation

Secondary or delegated legislation takes the form of statutory instruments which stem from Acts of Parliament—primary legislation—and give effect to detailed legal changes.

Monarchs and politics

Widely reported public comments by the Queen on 24 January urging tolerance and respect for differing views—thought to have been prompted by Brexit turmoil—led to a misleading report in The Times.

Bishop Bell - Complete justice denied after second inquiry

For three years Alistair Lexden has been part of a campaign to establish the truth about allegations of child sex abuse made, long after his  death over sixty years ago, against the great Anglican Bishop, George Bell.

Whitbread Prize presentation 2019

The Whitbread Prize is the top award for the 506 schools which belong to the Independent Schools Association (ISA), of which Alistair Lexden is President. It recognises outstanding academic achievement, contribution to school life and service in the wider community.

The Lexden Prize

The Independent Schools Association (ISA), of which Alistair Lexden is President, has established a national award in his name.

Council for Independent Education Awards

At the House of Lords on 18 April, Alistair Lexden, President of the Council for Independent Education(CIFE), and its Chairman, Sally Powell—shown together here —presented awards to 41 British and international students from the Council’s member colleges who achieved outstanding A-level and GCSE

Bringing state and independent schools together

Contrary to widespread belief, independent schools have never disdained contact with their counterparts in the state sector. There has never been a “Berlin Wall” between them, as some politicians have alleged.

Justice for Bishop Bell

Alistair Lexden is a member of the George Bell Group, which was formed after the Church of England decided in 2015 to pay compensation to an unnamed woman who claimed to have been sexually abused by Bishop George Bell, a towering figure in the history of the Christian Church, when she was a young