Recent News

Prince Charles, the busiest royal

On December 29, an article in The Times carried the headline ‘Princess Anne crowned busiest royal’. This was seriously misleading, as Alistair Lexden made clear to the newspaper. It was, he said, the head of her brother that ought to have been adorned.

Questions in the House

Every day proceedings in the Lords begin with four oral questions. They are submitted in advance by members and answered by government ministers or spokespersons. They cover a wide range of subjects.

Bishop Bell: a reputation restored

George Bell (1883-1958), Bishop of Chichester from 1929 until shortly before his death, was one of the greatest figures that the Church of England has ever produced.

A new boy on the Woolsack

Alistair Lexden’s appointment as a Deputy Speaker was announced recently. On 23 November, he presided for the first time over a debate in the Lords chamber, sitting on the famous Woolsack.

Prime Ministerial congratulations

Many congratulations on the publication of your 250th letter to The Times—extending your record of the largest number of contributions to their letters page in its long and distinguished history.

A new Lords Deputy Chairman

On 6 November, Alistair Lexden was formally appointed as a Deputy Chairman of Committees in the Lords, becoming one of a group of some 20 drawn from all parties and the crossbenches. Deputy Chairmen assist the Lord Speaker in performing his duties.

Felipe - or Philip? - of Spain

On 12 July, the King of Spain, Felipe VI, began a three-day State visit. There was comment in The Times about his family connections with our royals.

A Bill to help brothers and sisters who make a home together

On 3 July, Alistair Lexden introduced a short Private Member’s Bill in the Lords where it was given its formal First Reading. The Bill would extend the Civil Partnership Act 2004 to include siblings aged over thirty who have lived together for a continuous period of twelve years.

A remarkable college in Canterbury

On 15 June, Alistair Lexden was guest of honour at the annual awards ceremony of a remarkable college belonging to the Independent Schools Association, of which he is President. CATS College in Canterbury prepares students from Britain and around the world for higher education;