Two Police Commissioners asleep on their watch

The Metropolitan Police have received massive criticism for their errors and misconduct during Operation Midland, the name given to the investigation of historical child sex allegations made against public figures, including Lord Bramall and Leon Brittan, between 2014 and 2016.

A new link between Westminster and Stormont

On 15 January, the government announced the establishment of a new joint board on which the Northern Ireland Secretary will serve along with the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister in the Northern Ireland Executive.

Children with Dyslexia

On 4 March, the Lords held a short debate which highlighted the need to improve and extend the support provided in schools for children with dyslexia.

Gross police errors - unredressed

The Metropolitan Police brought grave discredit on themselves by the utterly irresponsible manner in which they investigated allegations of child sex abuse against a number of public figures including Lord Brammall and Leon Brittan (when he was dying).

Eating disorders and schools

Eating disorders are cruel diseases caused by mental health problems. On 4 February, a Liberal Democrat peer, Baroness Parminter, introduced a debate on this serious issue in the Lords.

Rights for sibling couples - restating the case

On 5 November, the last day before Parliament was dissolved, Alistair Lexden returned to an issue which has preoccupied him a great deal in the last two years and which he will be taking up again in the new Parliament: the complete absence of legal protection for sibling couples who share their l

Gay oppression in the Commonwealth

Homosexuals are treated as criminals in 37 of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth. In some of them extremely harsh punishments are available to the courts.

Lives ruined by the police

Much has been said and written about  the immense damage that has been done by many police officers, who  made public the names of individuals suspected of sex abuse crimes before any charges had been brought against them.