The history of the Primrose League


The Conservative Party entered a new political era in the mid-1880s as a result of the creation of the Primrose League by Lord Randolph Churchill, father of Sir Winston. Men, women and-later-children flocked to join this remarkable Tory organisation.

It provided the Party with a vast army of volunteers whose work made possible spectacular election victories in constituencies of all types, including northern industrial cities like Bradford and Newcastle.

Lord Lexden, author of a history of the League, highlighted its achievements at a dinner held by the Younger Members' Committee of the Carlton Club on August 4. ' The League transformed the entire character of the Conservative Party', he said. ' With a working-class majority among its membership, it invented modern popular politics in Britain'.

After the dinner Lord Lexden signed copies of his book, A Gift from the Churchills: The Primrose League,1883-2004. Click here for details of how to buy it.