Children with Dyslexia

On 4 March, the Lords held a short debate which highlighted the need to improve and extend the support provided in schools for children with dyslexia.

The British Dyslexia Association estimates that 80 per cent of those on the spectrum are never identified – and therefore are never helped or supported —while they are at school. Even when a child is assessed as having special educational needs, families often struggle to gain access to the services and support they need. The head of Ofsted said last year that “one child not receiving the help they need is disturbing enough, but thousands is a national scandal”. Over 50 per cent of teachers receive no training in dyslexia, according to a recent survey. Some £100 million a year is spent by local authorities on legal fees in fighting parents who want dyslexia support for their child.

In his contribution to the debate, Alistair Lexden urged the government to conduct the review of the system which it has set in hand thoroughly and swiftly. He also referred to the effective help and support bfor children with dyslexia to be found in many independent schools, noting the consistent excellence of one small school, Maple Hayes Hall near Lichfield, in particular. Follow the link to read his speech…. theyworkforyou