Lord Lexden attends national service of commemoration for Sir Robert Peel

As the Conservative Party's official historian, he was one of the leading figures -- drawn from the government, party, police and Church of England along with Peel's descendants -- who formed part of a congregation of some 300 at the parish church in Tamworth (where Peel was MP).

Lord Lexden helps to strengthen electoral law

At the 2010 election electors at a few polling stations who arrived just before 10pm were denied a ballot paper . This will not happen in future. After strongly opposing a change to the law, the government finally agreed to amend the Bill as a result of pressure from a cross-party group of peers, all members of the Lords Constitution Select Committee, of whom Lord Lexden was one. 

Lord Lexden sets new records

In 2012 Lord Lexden had 26 letters published in The Times--more than any other contributor to the paper's famous letters page.