This is the website of Lord Lexden, formerly Alistair Cooke, politician and historian. It provides a full account of all his public work in and outside Parliament as a Conservative peer since the start of 2011, as well as his lectures, articles, book reviews and published letters in the press.

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  • 1966-71 Historical research and teaching at Cambridge, Edinburgh and Belfast Universities
  • 1971-77 Lecturer and Tutor in Modern History at Queen's University, Belfast
  • 1977-97 Conservative Research Department

The Queen will shortly become Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. A book published last week (and reviewed below) looks back in entertaining fashion at her predecessors and reflects on the position of the monarchy today.


Gimson’s Kings & Queens: Brief Lives of the

On June 11, Alistair Lexden delivered an address at a dinner held at the Carlton Club—of which he is the official historian— to mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. He spoke first about the battle itself and then went on to deal with its political aftermath, describing both from the

As a strong supporter of the Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Alistair Lexden believes that the Conservative Party must be directly involved in the Province’s political life.

That cannot be achieved by continuing the practice of putting up Tory candidates in Ulster.

There has been much comment during the election campaign about the threat to the Union posed by the SNP. In a letter published in The Spectator on May 2 (see below), Alistair Lexden expressed regret that that the Conservative Party had not done more to defend the unity of the country as

David Cameron’s wife, Samantha, has a number of MPs (all Tory) among her forbears. One of them was the subject of a piece in The Times on April 25 which featured one of the refreshment tickets distributed to his supporters who exchanged them for free food and drink. Alistair Lexden

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Welcome to the official website of Alistair Lexden (formerly Alistair Cooke). This website supports his work in the House of Lords, with the Conservative Party, the Conservative History Group and also the Carlton Club.

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The Queen will shortly become Britain’s longest-reigning monarch...
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You can access an archive of Alistair Lexden's contributions to The Times and Daily Telegraph (dating back to 2006) on the letters page.