Lord Lexden thanked for his visits to schools

The individual visits that Alistair Lexden makes to schools to talk about the work of the House of Lords are recorded on the website. On March 31 the Lord Speaker, Baroness D’ Souza, wrote to express appreciation for his contribution to the ‘ Peers in Schools’ programme (letter attached).

Lord Lexden presents awards for academic excellence

In a ceremony at the Lords on March 19 he marked the achievements of 38 outstanding students from colleges belonging to the Council for Independent Education, of which he is President.

Lord Lexden explains how independent schools help promote social mobility

They do so by making it easier for less well-off families to secure places in them, particularly through the increasing provision of means-tested bursaries, and by working in partnership with state schools, as Alistair Lexden pointed out in a debate in the Lords on March 13.

Lord Lexden initiates a major spy controversy

John le Carré based his famous master spy, George Smiley, on his MI5 mentor, John Bingham, who played a crucial role in counter-espionage during the Second World War. Their relationship turned sour, as Alistair Lexden made clear in a letter published in The Daily Telegraph on March 4