The President carries out his duty

One of the chief duties of the President of the Independent Schools Association( ISA)—a post that Alistair Lexden has held for two years—is to attend its annual conference.

This year the conference was held at the Midland Hotel in Manchester from 30 April to May 2. Its purpose was—in the words of ISA Chairman, Andrew Hampton—“ to focus on innovation”, using independence “ to be new and different, setting the pace of all that is best in education”.

That is essential to ensure that the ISA remains a forward-looking and successful organisation. In the last few years it has expanded steadily—up from some 290 member schools to over 360. Its growth accounts for much of the rise in total pupil numbers in the independent education sector, reported in the press while the conference was in progress.

For his part Alistair Lexden stressed one particular ISA innovation: the creation of a new permanent home for the organisation, ISA House outside Saffron Walden, which will be opened in September. On behalf of the Association, he thanked its excellent and dedicated staff for all they had done to bring this important project to fruition.