Mrs May and history

It is Alistair Lexden’s view as a historian that Mrs May has done worse than any of her Tory predecessors. He has repeated his view on a number of occasions, and did so again in a letter in The Daily Telegraph on 24 May, the day she finally announced her resignation.

SIR - Incumbent Tory Prime Ministers have departed involuntarily following parliamentary defeat (Sir Robert Peel over Irish policy in 1846), a sharp fall in parliamentary majority (Neville Chamberlain in 1940), broken health (Anthony Eden in 1957) and discontent among Tory MPs (Margaret Thatcher in 1990). 

Mrs May will be the first to be driven out by massive revolts in both Parliament and Cabinet. Can there be any lingering doubt  that she is the worst Tory Prime Minister ever?

Lord Lexden
London SW1