Disraeli's wit and wisdom

“ A Conservative government is an organised hypocrisy” 

“ Damn your principles ! Stick to your party”

“ I have climbed to the top of the greasy pole”

Disraeli said these, and many other, memorable things during his remarkable political career (1832-81) which made him a towering figure of lasting importance in  Conservative history. In 1992, a substantial collection of his wit and wisdom was edited by Robert Blake, the leading Conservative historian of his day.

The anthology has now been republished with a foreword by Alistair Lexden. He writes: “ Disraeli exerts a perennial fascination… He would have clambered to the top of the greasy pole if he had been alive today... Tories charged with passing Brexit could—indeed should—have learned much from him.” The full text of his foreword was released on this website last month under the heading “ The Immortal Dizzy”(see below).

Entitled The Sayings of Disraeli, the volume is  available at £8.99 from the publisher, Duckworth Books (email: info@duckworthbooks.co.uk). More here.