Unfulfilled hopes after the First World War

It was not, as everyone hoped a century ago, ‘the war to end all wars.’ The League of Nations has frequently been blamed for failing to fulfill the world’s hope of unbroken peace.

Northern Ireland Budget

Billions of pounds were approved for public expenditure in Northern Ireland after no more a short debate in the Lords on 31 October.  This illustrated vividly the totally unsatisfactory way in which the Province’s affairs are now being handled.

December elections

Alistair Lexden recalled three previous December contests in a letter published in The Times on October 31, the day that the Bill providing for an election on December 12 became law.

The Prime Minister and the union with Northern Ireland

In an oral question in the Lords on 28 October—his last before the general election--Alistair Lexden returned to an issue about  which he has always felt particularly strongly: Northern Ireland.

Super Saturdays

The momentous Commons debate on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal on October 19 was dubbed ‘ Super Saturday’ by  MPs and commentators. What were the precedents for it? Alistair Lexden explained in a letter published in The Times on Super Saturday itself, October 19.

Independent schools - myth and reality

Alistair Lexden is President of the Independent Schools Association (ISA), which works on behalf of some 530 smaller independent schools and represents their interests in public debate. The following article will be published in the next issue of the ISA Journal .

Police misconduct in London and Wiltshire

All the police officers in the Met who hounded public figures over child sex abuse allegations, and obtained search warrants illegally, were cleared of wrong-doing in a report by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), published on 7 October.

Stanley Baldwin's Worcestershire home

Astley Hall, near Stourport-on- Severn was Stanley Baldwin’s country home for forty-five years. It had a small estate(by the standard of the time)of some 100 acres.

Ted Heath - the damage that must be undone

In early October, the full scale of the misconduct committed by the Metropolitan Police in investigating historical allegations of child sex abuse and murder against distinguished public figures at last became clear with the publication of the full report of the retired high court judge, Sir Rich