Harold Macmillan's resignation

In October 1963 Macmillan suddenly developed a prostate problem and his resignation as prime minister swiftly followed.

The Far East in the First World War

In our preoccupation with the Western Front, we have ignored what happened on the other side of the world during the Great War. An important new book, reviewed here by Alistair Lexden, redresses the balance.

Betrayed Ally: China in the Great War

More teacher training in the classroom

Under this government teachers are being trained increasingly in schools themselves, reducing the role of teacher training colleges. It is a thoroughly desirable trend.

Absentee peers

There are many complaints about the current size of the Lords which stands at some 800. It was pointed out in The Times that it had been even larger before Tony Blair removed most of the hereditary peers. In a letter published in the newspaper on September 7, Alistair Lexden explained why there was no dissatisfaction over the size of the House in earlier times.

Eliminating HIV in the UK

In a short debate in the Lords on September 5, Alistair Lexden backed the call made by his long-standing friend, Lord Black of Brentwood, who instigated the debate, for a Government strategy to eliminate HIV infection in the United Kingdom by 2030.

Down with television

November will bring the 80th anniversary of the first television broadcast.  It did not arouse much enthusiasm among senior BBC managers at the time, as Alistair Lexden pointed out in a letter published in The Daily Telegraph on August 30.

A great Ulster Unionist reformer

The Ulster Unionist Party has been much criticised for the way in which it ran Northern Ireland under the devolved Stormont Parliament from 1921 to 1972. Too little attention has been given to the reformers in its ranks who sought to heal the divisions between the two communities and prevent the breakdown of law and order.

President and Chairman

On August 23 Alistair Lexden, President of the Independent Schools Association, met its incoming Chairman for 2016-17, Stuart Nicholson, at the House of Lords at the start of his period of office.

An extraordinary pilgrimage for peace

Alistair Lexden reviews a compelling account of one of the strangest episodes in the Second World War.

The Truth about Rudolf Hess
By James Douglas-Hamilton
Frontline Books,£ 19.99