State and independent schools working together on sport

It is well-known that most of our country’s top athletes come from independent schools where no more than seven per cent of children are educated (though rising to twenty per cent at sixth-form level).

The man who enriched - and robbed - the Tories

Every age has its crooks and knaves in business and in politics. Some are better known than others. Few will have heard of Horace Farquhar, the subject of this article by Alistair Lexden. His life of treachery, fraud and deceit is revealed here for the first time.

Boost for bill to protect sibling couples

Alistair Lexden’s new Bill, introduced into the Lords on 14 January (see below), has been welcomed not just by sibling couples themselves, but by tax and financial experts.

Their positive response featured prominently in the Financial Times on 18 January.

Another Duke of Sussex who went his own way

There have been a number of Dukes of Sussex over the centuries. Prince Harry’s most recent predecessor was George III’s sixth son who lived from 1773 until 1843.

A new bill to help cohabiting sibling couples

During the last two years, Alistair Lexden has campaigned in the Lords to end the gross unfairness with which cohabiting sibling couples are treated by the legal and tax systems.

Appeasement: Never-ending controversy

There are many books about Neville Chamberlain and his search for a peaceful settlement with Germany in the late 1930s. Passions still often run high in discussions of the subject. No consensus has been reached by historians or the public at large—and probably never will be.

Watch: A visit to Stanley Baldwin's country home

Three times Prime Minister, Baldwin dominated British politics during the inter-war period. Applauded while he was in office, he was later criticised severely for not rebuilding our defences in the face of the Nazi threat—a charge that many historians today believe to be unfair.