Sibling couples - Rebuking the Government

In a Lords debate on 1 February, Alistair Lexden returned briefly to an issue on which he has spoken out strongly in recent months, most notably in speeches on 18 January this year and on 20 July 2018 (see below).

The truth about Stanley Baldwin and appeasement

Detailed research by historians has shattered the long prevalent myth that Baldwin failed to stand up to Hitler. However, the truth has yet to be fully recognised in some quarters. An article published inThe Times on 29 January was a case in point.

Monarchs and politics

Widely reported public comments by the Queen on 24 January urging tolerance and respect for differing views—thought to have been prompted by Brexit turmoil—led to a misleading report in The Times.

Two years' deadlock in Northern Ireland

In an oral question in the Lords on 24 January, Alistair Lexden returned to an issue which has raised on a number of occasions: the grave damage being done in Northern Ireland by the long political stalemate which passed its second anniversary this month.

Bishop Bell - Complete justice denied after second inquiry

For three years Alistair Lexden has been part of a campaign to establish the truth about allegations of child sex abuse made, long after his  death over sixty years ago, against the great Anglican Bishop, George Bell.

A gay landmark

The first British film to deal seriously and sympathetically with homosexuality was Victim, which was released in 1961 starring Dirk Bogarde.

Legal rights for sibling couples - the case restated

On 20 July last year (see below), Alistair Lexden secured an unopposed Second Reading in the Lords for his Private Member’s Bill which would enable sibling couples, who have set up home together as part of a lifetime’s platonic association, to enter into civil partnerships, and so obtain the lega

The biggest ever Tory rebellion

The following letter was published in The Daily Telegraph on 18 January.

SIR--Tuesday’s rebellion by 118 Tory MPs was not “the biggest on record” (article, January 16).

Record Government defeats in Commons and Lords

Mrs May’s unprecedented 230-vote defeat on 15 January prompted the following letter, published in The Times on 17 January. (One point was unintentionally omitted: the largest Commons defeat in the nineteenth century.

Whitbread Prize presentation 2019

The Whitbread Prize is the top award for the 506 schools which belong to the Independent Schools Association (ISA), of which Alistair Lexden is President. It recognises outstanding academic achievement, contribution to school life and service in the wider community.