British Citizens Abroad - Justice Denied

The Lords held their last full debates on the EU Referendum Bill on November 18. The House returned to the issue of whether all British citizens living in other EU countries should be able to vote in the referendum.

Rights denied in Northern Ireland

"Why should my gay friends in Belfast be denied the right to marry each other if they wish to do so while my gay friends in London can exercise that right?”, Alistair Lexden asked during oral questions in the Lords on November 18.

Who should vote in the EU referendum?

There is wide support among Opposition Parties in the Lords (though not among Conservatives) for adding 16 year-olds to the electoral register for the forthcoming EU referendum.

Our new Electoral Registration System

On October 27 the Lords debated important subordinate legislation (a statutory instrument under the Electoral Registration and Admission Act 2013) to complete the transition to a new system under which people register as electors individually instead of the household head acting on behalf of all those at a given address.

'A Gleam of Splendour' - the Battle of Agincourt

On 23 October Alistair Lexden delivered an address at a lunch held in the Carlton Club, of which he is the historian, to mark the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, fought on 25 October 1415.

The High Price of Devolution

England and Wales have a new libel law which cuts costs for ordinary defendants and protects press freedom more effectively. Northern Ireland has been deprived of these benefits by the devolved Northern Ireland Executive.

British Citizens Overseas: Votes for Life

On October 8, Alistair Lexden spoke briefly at the annual conference of Conservatives Abroad, the official Party organisation which—under the leadership of its Chairman, Heather Harper, and her small dedicated team—played an immensely important part in the historic Conservative victory in May.

Independent Schools and Local Communities: New Plans

The Lords returned to this issue on July 20 following earlier discussions on July 6 (see earlier article). A package of measures was debated and agreed to involve independent schools more fully in their local communities and develop their relationships with state schools.

A New Constitutional Settlement

The government has made clear that the substantial programme of constitutional reform on which it has embarked will lead to a new constitutional settlement for our country. 

Votes for British citizens living overseas

Throughout his time in the Lords Alistair Lexden has advocated the extension of voting rights in Westminster elections to all British citizens living abroad and the abolition of the current 15-year limit on them.