Milk in schools

At question time in the Lords on February 11, Alistair Lexden suggested that “perhaps the time has come to consider reintroducing compulsory milk in our schools” in response to the widespread concern about the state of some children’s health.

In Defence of a Great Bishop

George Bell (1883-1958), Bishop of Chichester, was one of the most important and influential figures in the Anglican Church in the 20th century. He repeatedly condemned Nazi oppression of Christians in Germany before the Second World War...

Britain and Poland

Members of the House of Lords reflected on our country’s close relations with Poland, particularly during the Second World War, in the course of oral questions on January 18.

Review of Important Lords' Powers

The House of Lords examines very large numbers of statutory instruments (known collectively as secondary legislation) which follow the passage of Acts of Parliament (primary legislation) and set out the detailed legal changes that the Acts have authorised.

The Government and History

Since 1908 governments of all political persuasions have commissioned official histories of individual ministries and departments, the conduct of wars and other activities of the state.

British Citizens Abroad - Justice Denied

The Lords held their last full debates on the EU Referendum Bill on November 18. The House returned to the issue of whether all British citizens living in other EU countries should be able to vote in the referendum.

Rights denied in Northern Ireland

"Why should my gay friends in Belfast be denied the right to marry each other if they wish to do so while my gay friends in London can exercise that right?”, Alistair Lexden asked during oral questions in the Lords on November 18.

Who should vote in the EU referendum?

There is wide support among Opposition Parties in the Lords (though not among Conservatives) for adding 16 year-olds to the electoral register for the forthcoming EU referendum.