Would Britain's pets vote Conservative?

In a debate on animal welfare last December, Alistair Lexden spoke in light-hearted vein about what the political parties would have to do in order to attract the support of our pets if they had the vote.

Justice denied to Ted Heath

Grave damage has been done, quite disgracefully, to the reputation of Ted Heath by Operation Conifer, the name given to the investigation by Wiltshire police of allegations of child sex abuse against the former Tory Prime Minister.

Parliament's duty to Northern Ireland

On 27 March, the Lords debated and passed three Northern Ireland Bills which would have been dealt with by the devolved Northern Ireland Assembly if it had been sitting.  Fifteen months have now passed since it last met and transacted business.

Human Rights in the Commonwealth

On March 22, the Lords debated the government’s plans for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to be held in London in April.

Free school meals

Controversy has arisen over the impact of the new streamlined welfare payment, universal credit, on the provision of free school meals. Critics say that the number of children in poor families getting a good free meal at school will drop sharply.

Continuing deadlock in Northern Ireland

Another round of talks about the resumption of devolved government in Northern Ireland collapsed on 14 February.

A few days later a document, setting out the terms of a possible agreement, was leaked to a Northern Ireland journalist.

The Suffragists' victory

On 5 February, the Lords held an important debate to mark the centenary of the Representation of the People Act 1918 which gave the vote to a limited number of women for the first time.

Boarding schools - a lifeline for children without family homes

All the statistics show that children in care trail behind other pupils in academic and other qualifications for the world of work. Some, but by no means all, thrive in boarding schools, which are to be found in the state as well as in the independent sector.

If cats and dogs could vote

On 7 December, the Lords debated the natural environment and animal welfare. Alistair Lexden spoke about domestic pets. What, he asked, would they want to see in a Conservative election manifesto if they were able to vote?

Follow the link to read his speech… theyworkforyou