Lord Lexden challenges the Commonwealth on human rights

On December 11 the Lords held a debate on AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Having spoken a few days earlier on tuberculosis, Alistair Lexden concentrated on HIV/ AIDS. Two-thirds of all adults and three-quarters of all children with HIV in the world today are not receiving the treatment they need.

Lord Lexden urges the government to maintain its spending on health research and development

AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis are the three great killer diseases in the world today. Government spending is vital in the search for new drugs that will combat these scourges of mankind effectively. That was the principal theme of the speech which Alistair Lexden contributed to a short debate on global health held in the Lords’ Grand Committee Room on December 8.

Lord Lexden takes part in Lords debate on First World War centenary

Lord Lexden has taken part in a Lords debate on the centenary of the First World War. The debate, which dealt specifically with the contributions made to the war by poets, artists and musicians, took place in the Grand Committee Room of the Lords on November 26.

'Sign up more British citizens overseas to vote’, says Lord Lexden

British citizens who have been living abroad for less than fifteen years are eligible to vote in parliamentary elections. The Conservative Party has pledged to remove the fifteen-year limit, a reform for which Alistair Lexden called last year in the Lords.

Devolution: ‘Should Joe Chamberlain be our guide?’, asks Lord Lexden

Devolution is now the most important question in British politics. On its resolution hangs the future unity of our country. During a full debate on the subject in the Lords on 29 October, Alistair Lexden went back to the years before the First World War when Home Rule for Ireland dominated British politics.

Lord Lexden restates the case for full rectification of injustice to gay men

On July 21, during the Committee stage of the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, Alistair Lexden spoke in support of an amendment designed to make amends to all gay men convicted in the past under laws which have now been overturned. He returned to the issue in a short speech during the Report stage of the Bill on October 20.

Debate on the Economy

Text of a speech delivered by Lord Lexden in a debate 'to call attention to Government policies to promote enterprise, growth and the fundamental rebalancing of the economy'.

Voting arrangements for British citizens abroad

Lord Lexden's speech in a short debate on Viscount Astor's question: To ask Her Majesty's Government whether they will consider changing the voting arrangements for British citizens residing abroad and members of the Armed Forces serving abroad.