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Alistair Lexden raises some key issues about the role of ministerial special advisers

The news on December 19 that the Home Secretary’s two special advisers had been removed from the Conservative Party’s official candidates’ list stirred a great deal of comment in the media. In a letter to The Times, Alistair Lexden enlarged the discussion by pointing out the need to evaluate the work that special advisers do.

Alistair Lexden recalls the antics of Winston Churchill’s budgie

After his return to Downing Street in 1951, Churchill had a pet budgie, called Toby, who was thoroughly spoilt by his master. Alistair Lexden provided a little light holiday entertainment for readers of The Daily Telegraph by devoting his twelfth and final letter of 2014 in that paper, published on December 20, to the havoc which Toby created in Churchill’s bedroom.

Lord Lexden challenges the Commonwealth on human rights

On December 11 the Lords held a debate on AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Having spoken a few days earlier on tuberculosis, Alistair Lexden concentrated on HIV/ AIDS. Two-thirds of all adults and three-quarters of all children with HIV in the world today are not receiving the treatment they need.

Lord Lexden urges the government to maintain its spending on health research and development

AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis are the three great killer diseases in the world today. Government spending is vital in the search for new drugs that will combat these scourges of mankind effectively. That was the principal theme of the speech which Alistair Lexden contributed to a short debate on global health held in the Lords’ Grand Committee Room on December 8.