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The President carries out his duty

One of the chief duties of the President of the Independent Schools Association( ISA)—a post that Alistair Lexden has held for two years—is to attend its annual conference.

Alistair Lexden addresses Muslim students on the workings of democracy

On April 23, Lord Lexden paid an enjoyable and memorable visit to Al-Furqan Community College in Birmingham at the invitation of its Principal, Mr Amjad Ahmed. Originally established on a very small scale in 1989, the College now provides an excellent education for some 140 children from the age of eleven upwards in the heart of Birmingham. Boys and girls are taught separately in adjacent buildings.

Breaking Bounds: Six Newnham Lives

The Newnham in the title is, of course, the thriving women’s college in Cambridge which developed out of a boarding house that opened in 1871 with just a handful of ardent female students.

Alistair Lexden speaks to sixth formers in Lewisham

On March 5, Lord Lexden visited Christ the King Sixth Form College in Lewisham under the aegis of the Lord Speaker’s ‘ Peers in Schools’ Outreach Programme, of which he is strong supporter.

Alistair Lexden talks about the Tory Party and women before 1914

Lord Lexden made his comments in the second episode of a three-part programme on the political emancipation of women, broadcast on BBC 2 on March 4. The Primrose League, a vast Tory supporters’ club, contributed significantly to the advancement of women in politics before the First World War.