Recent News

The Tories and Northern Ireland

As a strong supporter of the Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Alistair Lexden believes that the Conservative Party must be directly involved in the Province’s political life.

Queen’s Speech

On 28 May Alistair Lexden was a guest on LBC’s breakfast programme where he discussed some of the main themes of the Queen’s Speech at the start of the new Session of Parliament.

Celebrating 75 glorious years of West Lodge School in Sidcup

On May 20 the excellent West Lodge School in Sidcup—where Alistair Lexden presented prizes last summer—marked the 75th anniversary of its opening in 1940. (His connection with the school arises from its membership of the Independent Schools Association, of which he is President.)

Growth of the Privy Council

It is a little known fact that the Privy Council, the Queen’s formal body of advsiers, has increased massively in size during recent years. Research by Alistair Lexden, published in The Times on May 15, shows that since the 2010 election 110 new members have been appointed, taking the total to 664.

The President carries out his duty

One of the chief duties of the President of the Independent Schools Association( ISA)—a post that Alistair Lexden has held for two years—is to attend its annual conference.

Alistair Lexden addresses Muslim students on the workings of democracy

On April 23, Lord Lexden paid an enjoyable and memorable visit to Al-Furqan Community College in Birmingham at the invitation of its Principal, Mr Amjad Ahmed. Originally established on a very small scale in 1989, the College now provides an excellent education for some 140 children from the age of eleven upwards in the heart of Birmingham. Boys and girls are taught separately in adjacent buildings.