Recent News

The Conservative Party at Prayer

On November 14 Alistair Lexden gave an address to members of the Conservative Christian Fellowship. His main theme was the strength and duration of the Party’s close connection with the Church of England which gave rise to the well-known description of the C of E as “ the Conservative Party at prayer”.

Lords Applause

On October 28 The Times diary column included a light-hearted piece suggested by Alistair Lexden following the outbreak of clapping in the Lords two days earlier when the first female Bishop was introduced into the House (she is Bishop of Gloucester).

British Citizens Overseas: Votes for Life

On October 8, Alistair Lexden spoke briefly at the annual conference of Conservatives Abroad, the official Party organisation which—under the leadership of its Chairman, Heather Harper, and her small dedicated team—played an immensely important part in the historic Conservative victory in May.

F. E. Smith - A Great Tory Wit

F. E. Smith, Ist Earl of Birkenhead (1872-1930), a brilliant barrister and controversial Tory politician, was famous for his legendary wit, invariably employed at the expense of others. Anecdotes abound.

Carlton Club History Reprinted

A well-reviewed history of the Carlton Club was published to mark its 175th anniversary in 2007. Alistair Lexden (then Alistair Cooke) is co-author of The Carlton Club 1832-2007.

A Grand Opening Ceremony

The Independent Schools Association (ISA), of which Alistair Lexden is President, has for the first time in its history established a headquarters office adequate to its needs after many years in confined premises in Saffron Walden, Essex. 

An Enjoyable Presidential Duty

In his capacity as President of the Independent Schools Association (ISA)—which works on behalf of the heads of 370 independent schools—Alistair Lexden had the pleasure of formally installing the Association’s Chair for 2015-16, Dr Sarah Welch, at the House of Lords on September 2.

Lyonsdown Prize Day 2015

Alistair Lexden spoke to teachers and parents - and met the youngest person (aged two months) on the application list for a future place - after presenting the prizes at Lyonsdown School in New Barnet on July 10.

Two Fine Schools

On July 8 Alistair Lexden presented prizes at Thorpe Hall School, near Southend, Essex; on July 10 he performed the same pleasant duty at Lyonsdown School in New Barnet on the outskirts of London.

Towards a British Bill of Rights

The Government is due to introduce a new British Bill of Rights to replace Labour’s Human Rights Act 1998. Key issues relating to this important constitutional and legal reform were debated in the Lords on July 2.