Asquith and the Irish

Jason Cowley errs in stating that John Redmond’s Irish Parliamentary Party “formed a coalition with Herbert Asquith’s Liberals in 1910”( Politics interview, 27 March). Asquith depended on the IPP’s 70 or so MPs’ votes, but he secured them readily when  he removed the Lords veto on legislation in 1910-11, which ensured that Ireland finally got Home Rule in 1914. A peace-time coalition was unnecessary.

'Lost' election issue

Your list of key election issues (Apr.7) omits the constitution, despite Rachel Sylvester’s timely warning that “a dangerous game is being played with the future of the United Kingdom”.

Alistair Lexden reveals the dark secret of a famous London square

An article on London’s exclusive Eaton Square, published in The Daily Telegraph on April 2, listed a number of famous people who have lived in it, including Stanley Baldwin and Sean Connery. One well-known name, however, was omitted, as the attached letter published on April 7, pointed out.

Alistair Lexden recalls the career of Tony Garner, an unsung Tory hero

Tony Garner, who died on March 22, played a central role in the Conservative Party’s organisation over five decades. In an article published by ConsdervativeHome on April 3 (attached), Alistair Lexden explained why his career had been so significant, and lamented the subsequent disappearance of much of the structure through which he had served the Party so well.

Cameron's mentor

Lord Lexden has written a short letter to The Times regarding David Cameron's first job in politics.

Breaking Bounds: Six Newnham Lives

The Newnham in the title is, of course, the thriving women’s college in Cambridge which developed out of a boarding house that opened in 1871 with just a handful of ardent female students.

Only federalism can now save the United Kingdom, says Alistair Lexden

That was the theme of his letter published under the headline “How to save the Union” in The Daily Telegraph on March 9. Reference to the letter was also made on one of the paper’s news pages under the heading “Give England devolution, historian tells PM”. The text of the letter follows.