The worst Government defeats in Parliament

The Commons vote of 149 against Mrs May’s EU withdrawal agreement on 12 March was described in many parts of the media as the fourth worst government defeat ever.

The Tories and Europe

How did the Tories, who described themselves proudly as the party of Europe in the 1970s and 1980s, get themselves into a state of civil war over our membership of the European Union?

Airey Neave's Northern Ireland plan forty years ago

On 12 March, the Lords discussed two important Northern Ireland Bills under highly unsatisfactory fast-track procedures, which Alistair Lexden criticised strongly in his speech during the debate.

Letters from Queen Victoria go astray

On March 9, The Times reported that a letter from Queen Victoria to Tennyson was up for auction in New York. For years it had been available in Lincoln, with other lettters, to historians of the period.

How Churchill's father wooed Irish nationalists

On 15 December 1882, an Irishman, Myles Joyce, was hanged for the murder of a family of five in Maamtrasna on the Mayo/Galway border. He was an Irish speaker; the trial was conducted in English which he did not understand.

Catholic emancipation 190 years ago

2019 brings the 190th anniversary of full Catholic emancipation. Parliament’s House Magazine marked the anniversary by publishing, in slightly amended form, Alistair Lexden’s review of an outstanding book by Antonia Fraser which first appeared last year.

High standards in secondary legislation

Secondary or delegated legislation takes the form of statutory instruments which stem from Acts of Parliament—primary legislation—and give effect to detailed legal changes.