Boarding school places for children in care

Some children—a relatively small percentage of the total number—placed in care can thrive in boarding schools. There was a time when local councils recognised the benefits that those suited to a boarding eductaion could derive from it,but today they make very little use of boarding schools, which can be found in both the state and independent sectors,to help such children get a really good start in life.

There are some who worry about the standards of care provided in boarding schools. Concern has been intensified by past scandals. Today all boarding schools are subject to rigorous inspection of all aspects of their work, including pastoral care which in many schools is now outstanding. Inspection reports are publicly available.

The government recently launched an important initiative,Boarding School Partnerships,to encourage councils to consider the boarding option in appropriate cases. A website has been established to make detailed information and guidance available to them. Alistair Lexden asked an oral question in the Lords on 7 September about the progress of the government’s initiative.

Follow the link to listen to his comments and the exchanges in the Lords which followed… theyworkforyou