Bishop Bell - Complete justice denied after second inquiry

For three years Alistair Lexden has been part of a campaign to establish the truth about allegations of child sex abuse made, long after his  death over sixty years ago, against the great Anglican Bishop, George Bell.

A gay landmark

The first British film to deal seriously and sympathetically with homosexuality was Victim, which was released in 1961 starring Dirk Bogarde.

Legal rights for sibling couples - the case restated

On 20 July last year (see below), Alistair Lexden secured an unopposed Second Reading in the Lords for his Private Member’s Bill which would enable sibling couples, who have set up home together as part of a lifetime’s platonic association, to enter into civil partnerships, and so obtain the lega

The biggest ever Tory rebellion

The following letter was published in The Daily Telegraph on 18 January.

SIR--Tuesday’s rebellion by 118 Tory MPs was not “the biggest on record” (article, January 16).

Record Government defeats in Commons and Lords

Mrs May’s unprecedented 230-vote defeat on 15 January prompted the following letter, published in The Times on 17 January. (One point was unintentionally omitted: the largest Commons defeat in the nineteenth century.

Whitbread Prize presentation 2019

The Whitbread Prize is the top award for the 506 schools which belong to the Independent Schools Association (ISA), of which Alistair Lexden is President. It recognises outstanding academic achievement, contribution to school life and service in the wider community.

Paddy Ashdown's last book

Shortly before he died in December, Paddy Ashdown, an accomplished author, published an important and inspiring book on the internal German resistance to Hitler. Many brave people paid a very high price for their courage.

Churchill talks to his father's ghost

One day in 1947, while Churchill was painting at Chartwell, the ghost of his father suddenly appeared. They had a long and fascinating conversation, which Churchill wrote down afterwards.

A federal UK post-Brexit?

An article in the final issue of The Spectator for last year suggested that Lords reform might become a serious possibility after Brexit. Alistair Lexden takes a different view, as he explained in the main letter in the first issue of the magazine for 2019.

Lord Lexden featured in WR Magazine

In September, Lord Lexden delivered an address following the unveiling of a statue of Stanley Baldwin in Bewdley, recalling the character and the achievements of the three-time Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader for fourteen years from 1923 to 1937.