Lord Lexden speaks at the Oxford Literary Festival

He was one of the contributors to this prestigious event on March 20 when he discussed the acute controversies surrounding Enoch Powell’s role in the Conservative Party and later in the Ulster Unionist Party.

Lord Lexden presses for change in the Duchy of Cornwall

The Succession to the Crown Bill, currently before Parliament, lays down that the eldest child of the monarch, whether male or female, shall in future succeed to the throne. If female, the heir to the throne would not take over  the Duchy of Cornwall  because it is restricted to males. On 13 March Lord Lexden called for change. 

Lord Lexden attends national service of commemoration for Sir Robert Peel

As the Conservative Party's official historian, he was one of the leading figures -- drawn from the government, party, police and Church of England along with Peel's descendants -- who formed part of a congregation of some 300 at the parish church in Tamworth (where Peel was MP).