The 1922 committee

Every Wednesday afternoon when the House of Commons is in session, backbench Conservative MPs meet in the well-known 1922 Committee. When important political events are taking place or when MPs are restive (often the two go together), meetings are crowded and discussion is lively. In such circumstances the leader of the party might well come to address the 1922 in an effort to secure greater calm and reduce damaging internal rows that can be exploited by their opponents and create unwelcome headlines in the press.

How did the Committee come into existence? How influential is it? Alistair Lexden provided answers to these and other questions relating to the Committee’s work over the years when he took part in an edition of the BBC’s Daily Politics programme on September 5 which included a discussion of the 1922.

Follow the link to hear his comments…. BBC Daily Politics (Tuesday 5th September)*

* NB: You need a TV Licence to watch this programme. Lord Lexden's interview is 19 minutes into the programme. The link will expire on 4th October 2017.